Fall/Winter 2011


"...a clear and peaceful mind is the ground for joyful living." Swami Rama

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Refer a friend to the Beginning Mind and Body Yoga class who signs up and you will receive $20 toward your next class or private yoga session.

Word of mouth is the best advertisement, and, as always, I appreciate your continued support!

Free Class Sunday, Sept. 11 @ 3:30pm



Weekend Workshop at the
Himalayan Institute


Please join me for a workshop:

Yoga for Anxiety: Soothing the System and Cultivating Harmony


Sept. 23-25

Cost is $99


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Developing Your Personal Meditation Practice

Greetings to all and I hope that you all had a wonderful summer. While it came on slowly, it certainly did arrive with a bang; my southern blood was very happy with the heat wave.


Our last Newsletter discussed basic steps for meditation. Let's continue this with some suggestions to help you stay on track and support your overall practice.

1. Find a time of day to practice and stick with it.

2. Use a pleasant and supportive space in which to practice.

3. Be friendly to your capacity for meditation - from 10 - 30 minutes is a good place to start.

4. Consistency is more important than length of time, although you want to aim for at least 20 minutes, when possible.

5. Have faith in the method.

6. Understand your reaction to the process - there are no good or bad meditations because they are ALL good; however you might confuse satisfying and unsatisfying sessions with good and bad.

7. Use resources for your support such as books, CDs, friends, sangha, prayer, exercise.

8. To make a breakthrough in your meditation, consider making a short-term commitment such as 1 hour daily for 3 weeks or 30 minutes twice a day for 1 month.

9. Be a consistent, objective, and non-judgmental observer of your own mind. Meditation will sharpen your powers of self-observation and discernment leading your thoughts and actions to be rooted in your true Self.


Yours, in service,




Schedule of Upcoming Classes

Classes will begin the week of September 12th. To see my full schedule, please go to:



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Home Practice

Over the years, I've alternated between a home yoga practice and a recipe. Since we are in the bounty of food right now, I thought I would contribute another recipe to your kitchen endeavors. Green beans are in season and there's nothing better than simple, fresh garlic green beans, done in an Asian fashion. I hope you enjoy!


Garlic Green Beans


Yoga Therapy

Special Offer: Sign-up for a 6-8 week class session and get your first yoga therapy session for $40/hr (regularly $70/hr).


What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy adapts and applies Yoga techniques and practices to help individuals who are facing health challenges or want to expand their yoga practice. It offers a personalized practice that empowers the individual to progress toward greater health by managing their condition, reducing symptoms, restoring balance, and facilitating healing on all levels of our being. My hope is to inspire and empower you toward greater clarity and healing.


Please see my Therapeutic Yoga webpage for more information.




There is Nothing New to Get

by Ramana Maharshi


There is nothing new to get.
You have on the other hand,
to get rid of your ignorance,
which makes you think you are other than Bliss.
For whom is this ignorance?
It is to the ego.
Trace the source of the ego.
Then the ego is lost and Bliss remains over.
It is eternal You are That, here and now...
This is the master key for solving all doubts.
The doubts arise in the mind.
The mind is born of the ego.
The ego rises from the Self.
Search the source of the ego
and the Self is revealed.
That alone remains.
The universe is only expanded Self.
It is not different from the Self...