Good Space Yoga

with Kathy Ornish

Winter/Spring 2011


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2. Home Practice
3. Therapeutic Yoga
4. Inspiration

Practicing meditation cultivates a stronger, clearer, calmer mind. With this
type of mind, we interact in the world differently – with less fear and more
clarity and wisdom.

Being in present awareness in every moment allows us to see what is truly
happening so that we act with more compassion in each moment. I hope to inspire
you all toward a regular meditation practice so that more and more of us can be
peaceful ambassadors in the world, creating positive change one interaction at
a time.

I wish you all the very best in the upcoming year - Happy New Year and
blessings to you all.

Yours, in service,

Class Information

January - February classes will begin soon - January 4!

January-February sessions are now posted at [1] and
click on the "Class Schedule" tab.
I hope to see you again soon!

[2]Good Space Yoga on Facebook!
You will find inspirational words, interesting links to articles, get updates
about upcoming events, and post questions on the discussion board.

Home Practices

This is one of my favorite muffin recipes - full of beta carotene!
They are a bit challenging to stir, but are very moist.

Additionally, I have also posted text copies of my old Newsletters for those
who might be interested in re-reading the words and suggestions at the
beginning of them, or the inspirational poems at the end. And remember, you can
get all of past practices or recipes in old newsletters on my website's Home
Practices page.

[3]Sweet Potato Muffins

Therapeutic Yoga


Sign-up for a class session and get your first yoga therapy session for
$40/hour (normally $70/hour).

What is Yoga Therapy?

Yoga Therapy adapts and applies Yoga techniques and practices to help
individuals who are facing health challenges or want to expand their yoga
practice. It offers a personalized practice that empowers the individual to
progress toward greater health by managing their condition, reducing symptoms,
restoring balance, and facilitating healing on all levels of our being. My hope
is to inspire and empower you toward greater clarity and healing.

Please see my [4]Therapeutic Yoga page for more information.

The Six-Faced Mirror
by Rumi (from The Rumi Collection, Edited by Kabir Helminski)

Those with mirror-like hearts
do not depend on fragrance and color:
they behold Beauty in the moment.
They've cracked open the shell of knowledge
and raised the banner

of the eye of certainty.

Thought is gone in a flash of light.

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