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Additional Resources

Yoga practice includes many facets. I am frequently asked, “What should I be doing at home?” A regular home yoga practice and lifestyle behaviors are essential to living a healthy and vital life.

To aid students toward a healthy lifestyle, I’ve created resources to help in your efforts to do yoga at home (written and video practices), posted recipes for healthy eating, linked you to other resources,  and included copies of my periodic Newsletter which include inspirational writings and poems.

I sincerely hope these will assist you in your ongoing practice and path toward self-transformation!


home practices
These are integrated yoga practices I’ve written – gentle, intermediate, and advanced. Yoga for Wellness, by Gary Kraftsow, is a wonderful aid in helping you understand my drawings and how to do the techniques.
KO videos
Videos of K.O. can provide more instruction, in addition to helping you understand the written practices.
Here are links to alternative videos, created by K.O.’s teacher and other  teachers within this lineage. There are also lists of books as well as copies of my old newsletters which contain short writings on deepening your practices.
Recipes! These are some of K.O.’s favorites as another aid toward your good health. Enjoy!