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Home Practices

Please use these Home Practices at your own risk.

I created these Home Practices to help in your efforts to do yoga at home. Yoga for Wellness, by Gary Kraftsow, is a wonderful aid in helping you understand my drawings and how to do the techniques.

The physical postures (asanas) provide increased flexibility, greater strength, awareness of the flow of breath, and a peek into the state of your mind. They help to transform the body in subtle and not so subtle ways. They make the body strong and flexible for sitting and offer the first preparation toward focusing the mind.

The breath awareness techniques or breath control practices (pranayama) can calm the state of your mind and body, and give you tools for immediate relief from anxiety and insomnia.

Meditation (one-pointed focus of the mind on something) is at the heart of a yoga practice. It trains the mind to focus, encourages greater self-awareness and mindfulness, leading to greater clarity where we become the masters of our mind and our lives.

Relaxation practices allow you to rest and release fatigue. They also help begin the journey of moving ones overtaxed senses inward, quieting, calming, and balancing body and mind.

Yoga can inspire and empower you to reach your full potential so you may enjoy a life full of health and joy. It is a timeless tradition that enhances all aspects of your busy life.

Gentle Practices

Intermediate Practices

Advanced Practices